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About Me

I love Proverbs.......God provides us with incredible teachings about Life principles , wisdom, and morality. Proverbs will save us all a lot of pain and grief if we will only follow God's words/teachings.

As a little girl, I was blessed to have that determined mindset to succeed. I always thought I had no choice in the matter. When I look back on my life, there were always choices. I just decided it at an earlier age of seven.

The odds were not in my favor at all. You see, my mother had 14 children. There were ten girls & four boys. My mother & my father barely had a six grade education. Because my mom became pregnant so young age and my father was so much older, they were forced to marry. I was told that my grand father was not having this for his only daughter. Well, it resulted in what we called a "shot gun wedding".

We did not have much at all. I always knew that we were poor. All my life I grew up in an old raggedy broke down house. No hot water. We had to heat our own water on the stove & use out houses for toileting. Kids made fun of us and picked on us all the time. Many people did not want to come around us because we were poor. Word to the wise: "Stop picking on poor people. There are genius in those ghettos!"

How did we make it? We did what we had to do to survive by working together as a family. If that meant wearing hand me downs, then we wore it. If it meant eating left overs, then we did it. I remember washing clothes by hand & hanging them all on the clothes line. The clothes smelled so fresh and so clean. My sister & I would often run through the clothes on the line, especially when the wind blew our way. Oh, those were the days!

Most of all, I remember working in that hot tobacco fields. We had to walk down the long field pulling weeds of the tobacco crops all by hand. There was NO machinery for that!. I remember seeing my mother's sweat pouring down her face. We all worked sun up till sun down. My mother was so fast, I could barley keep up with her in the fields. One day, I noticed my mom's sweat was pouring profusely, but she just kept going. I stopped in my tracks, & suddenly as a little girl, no older than seven, I realized that she was doing all this for me and my siblings.
That is real love to have for your children. Working in the hot tobacco fields, sun beating down our backs was so hard. I watched a woman that had no time to worry about racism, no time to worry about water, no time to worry about sweat or what she smelled  and looked like. I saw a woman that was out here to feed her children.

At that moment, I got it! I was an old soul for so young but I got it. After the day was over, I wrote a letter to God, & I asked Him to make me be somebody. I put the letter under a tobacco barn and hoped God heard me. I just wanted to be able to make some money to help my mom. So I was hoping God would help me be able to do that. Now, I did not know God like I do now but somehow I knew His existence.

Years later, I accomplished getting 3 college degrees, Captain in US Air force & even became a model. Today I have a home business & been a R.N for over 20 years.

My mother was proud of me. You see, her goal was to get us through high school. College was like a BIG PLUS. The look on her face when she would tell her friends about me. It was priceless.

There is still so much for me to do. I just want to give back & help that little poor girl or poor boy who so badly wants to be somebody and do not know where to turn. I want to tell them, its does not matter if people laugh at your house or call you names! You are somebody special because God says so. You are His child & You are valuable.

Today I realized that God answered my prayer then when that ten year old girl put that letter under that tobacco barn. Not 30 years later, not 40 years later. God did it then. I hope that my story can touch someone & make their day better & give them hope to go on.

Angela Harrelson,
Industry Leader

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My #1 Home Business: Vistalibus

Why I chose this company

The Timing is Perfect

Vitalibis is brand spanking new in a booming Cannabis industry that without question, millionaires will be created. With the resources and that they have in place, a huge momentum will most likely occur in the next 1-2 years. Every experienced marketer knows that when this happens, you want to be in position. I call this the"Ready Position". Are you ready? Will you be ready?

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Company Leadership

As I did my research about the company leadership, I was so moved because of their principles. The behaviors and values are essential to creating authentic trust and community. We believe iconic brands must do more than just provide great products.

Team Leadership

Be a part of a team that provide great support and tools to help you grow your business. One of the worst things is feeling like you are alone. We have weekly calls & facebook lives every week. All you need to do this business is internet and phone. Also available are facebook groups. Make your business fun!

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Oganic Hemp/CBD Oil Product line

What I love about their products is that they are high quality and affordable.

The Money Plan for Reps

The newest and most exciting MLM to hit the market’s and their compensation plan is pretty exciting!

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Zero to Rockstar

Brand Ambassasdor

When you first join a company, most of the the time you are pretty much on your own. I know, you heard it all before" You are in business for yourself but not by yourself." Sponsor must step up and do their part.

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Winning it

The main key is to never quit. You have to be consistent & persistent. When you say yes to your own business, you are now in the position to uncap the income potential. You just have to learn a skill set in this industry & go forward. You have to dream and believe in yourself. You can not be scared to fail. If you have destined to have a better life, just don't give it a try. Do it.

7 figure income earner Brand Ambassador

Getting to this position will be the high light of your life! Looking back from this mountain top, will be an emotional & rewarding journey. A journey that you will be so proud . Just think of all the people that you helped directly or indirectly along the way. Just Remember the four things I mentioned in starting from ZERO. If we keep going forward, we will get there. There will be loops, potholes, mud holes, rocks and a big boulder may come tumbling towards you.. GET out of your own way and keep going. Do not allow yourself to be a stumbling block. Only you can put limits on yourself.

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