6 things that got me through my 1st major illness in my 40's

21 Jan

When I look back at that ill time, I cannot believe that I survived it. It all started when I was diagnosed with graves’ disease. It's an autoimmune disease when your thyroid is producing to many thyroid hormones. Overtime my body had become toxic.  Because your thyroid affects so many organs in your body, a lot of things can go terribly wrong fast. .

 I had never been sick except for having a bad cold or bronchitis. Never in my life I would imagine experiencing constant E.R visits, heart rate frequently spiking high, upset stomach, etc. It had gotten so bad, I could not walk 3 feet without sitting down because of palpitations.

I was so frail, skinny and had major hair loss, I looked terrible and felt awful. I cried all the time. I made myself a nervous wreck worrying all the time. No meds work and the only thing that was left for me was surgery. During the four long months, I endured a battle, but I was not defeated. Below are 6 things that got me through my major illness. I hope it will someone in a similar situation 

1.Re-Channeling Negativity: I did this by reading my favorite book, the Bible. I suffered severe symptoms from this illness for 4 months until surgery. During that time, I was so afraid and worry all the time. Every day, I found the strength in the bible and I read it every day. I read it when I was tired. Sometimes I would fall asleep, but I knew I had to hold on to it. There is something tranquil about reading the bible. It would take my mind off being sick. I would read about strong me like Joseph and Abraham. I would also read the miracles that God id for others.  Readings in the bible allowed me to rechanneled any negative thoughts into something good. After I would read the bible, I felt better.  Most of all, it made me certain that there is something much bigger than all of us, higher power.

2. Choosing my battles: I had to learn to tolerate things that It normally would not had done. My health was at risk, so I had to choose my battles. I remember when I was struggling to walk down stairs. Often, I had to stop and take a breather because my heart rate spiked high. I could always tell, because I felt the palpitations in my chest.

While this went on, I had no idea that a man was behind me and was in a hurry. I guess I was in his way. I could see the frustration on his face. He said, “Why don't you get on a pace maker or something." I just looked at him, and slowly made sure to move slowly out of his way. There were several people that walked by me, but no one asked me if I was alright?  I did not become angry. I just knew inside, no matter what that I will be alright. I could not afford to be angry. I had to save my energy to live.

3. Talk to good support system: I had one sister that was in Vegas that talk to me daily. Sometimes three times a day. She had also gone through graves’ disease. it is so powerful to have a conversation with people who have been through the same disease. Seeing how well she was doing, inspired me and gave me hope. I was able to continue my faith.

4.Acceptance:  When I first got the diagnosis, I would not see the doctor for a week. I kept wrestling with it. I was hoping that it would go away on its own. I just did not want it. I said, why me? I do everything right? I help everybody and this is what I get? I was upset and started blaming my myself. Finally, I had to go in and decide, I wanted to live. I just did not know I was in the fight of my life.

5. Embrace: Finally, I know this sound strange. Why would I embrace a disease.? Well, once I accepted it, I decided to take control of my life. I learned everything about graves’ disease. I said, you know, this is me, thyroid disease and all. I became a stronger person because of it. This disease took patience and humility to another level.  I became more compassionate towards others. When someone tells me about their sickness or I feel it deeply for them.  I connect instantly and they can see and feel my genuine. Its more than just saying, I’m sorry”. It’s truly about being there for that person. I can tolerate more things than usual from people. Small things do not bother me. I am quick to say today, “Well, "I cannot control that.”  “I can only do what I can control.” The rest, I learned to let go.

6.Health: Overall, it has made me more health conscious. When I run into people with thyroid, I have a wealth of knowledge that I am eager to share. I feel like I owe it to them by telling them that it will be okay, and you will get through it. It is so important to take care of yourself. Eat healthy and get high quality supplements for our body. I discovered too late about my thyroid  . Thyroid health is very important and many people overlook it. Remember, all your organs and body parts are important. Do not take anything for granted.

To sum up. In my 40's, I never thought that I would be going through difficult time regarding my health. I moved to Minnesota for a new change in my life. I must say, I got more than I bargain! That’s for sure, I discovered bravery and I am proud of myself for being strong and keeping my faith in God the entire time.

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