My top skin care tips that kept me looking 10 years younger

12 Jan

1. Letting go of stress: I was always a rescuer for almost everyone in my family for several years. I used to become so overwhelmed when I would heard of family member unable to pay their light bill or rent. I would even sacrifice part of my house rent to give them.

Overtime, I  had accumulated so much stress and worry inside me that it  became detrimental to my health.   I had know idea of the damage I had done to myself.  I just thought that one day,  the people I helped so much  will be there for me when bad times came my way. NEVER HAPPENED. Why? Because I taught people to lean on me.  And yes, I was taken advantage of all the time.

When I became very ill,  it was very lonely.  I thought long and hard on what I had done to myself. So many times, I cried to and  hoped things would get better.  The only way I got through  that awful time was by reading my bible every day  and keeping my faith. I was also very careful with my food choices too.

 Today I have learned that I am not somebody's door mat. I am a brave strong  woman that do not need to rescue everyone. It’s okay to take care of myself and let go.  It feels so good not to feel guilty about things that are not in my control. It brings a sense of freedom and peace within me.  Ever since I learned to let go, I am so much  happier.  My advice to you? Let go of things that you cannot control. Do not allow other people to worry you about their mistakes and problems.  If you do,  it will not only age you but can  make you ill. I want you to be healthy and I want you to soar!

2. Drinking Plenty of water: When you do this everyday,  you  are keeping your skin hydrated and not dry. Dry dead skin will age you and cause premature wrinkles. Water also helps get rid of toxins. You are not just drinking water for your skin but for other vital organs in your body that need it too!  Dehydration will cause your skin dryness, tightness  and flakiness. Your skin will not have the resilience and glow. So drink your water and have glowing skin when you walk into the room.

3. Exercise: Do some light exercise every day if you can. To be honest, it's not my gig but I love to dance! Dancing is fun especially when I put on my favorite song by earth Wind and Fire! Let’s Groove tonight! If you feel like dancing to old school. Turn up your speakers!

4. Never go to bed with Make up . I do not care how tired you are, TAKE IT OFF. Your skin needs to breath and rejuvenate itself at night. Your skin has been through a lot during the day. There's a reason it is called  your 1st line of defense. By wearing makeup at bedtime,  dead skin cells get trapped which will prevent the dead cells from sloughing off and leaving you with a dull complexion.  Wearing  makeup to bed slows down the skin repairing process . You are preventing  this process it from doing its' job. Always remember that the very first sign of aging is not a wrinkle; it's a lack of radiance and glow in your skin.

5. Always use a light moisturizer every day and a thicker one at night. (Night cream) My favorite light creams are organic oils and serums.  A moisturizer can help prevent and treat dry skin, improve the tone and texture of your skin. One of the biggest things for me is that the moisturizers can hold  in the outermost layer of the skinned  and act as a barrier. That is why it is so important to use a moisturizer under makeup.

6. Stay away from too much salt and sweets.  Too much bad food will cause breakouts. There is no need to go into detail about bad foods for your skin.I feel like I a preaching to the choir on this one.

7. Always use a moisturizer under Makeup.  As I said prior, it will give you a good barrier. Makeup is beautiful thing that I wear every day, but it will clog the pores if you are not routinely taking care of your  skin .

8. Find yourself a good Esthetician to care professionally for your skin at least once a month .  I have three of them! People say why? Just in case if one is sick or have an emergency. Remember, all anesthetics are not created equal. I have had some skin nightmares from poor anesthetics. Do your research. 

9. Always use the best natural organic product line on your skin.  Do not slack on this. Your skin deserves no less.Get a routine skin program and use it every day,  twice a day.

10.   Facial Scrub. Always include a facial scrub at least three times a week to get rid of dead cells that accumulated on your skin.

These are my own personal ways that has helped me look my best for many  years. I do not think nothing is new but many people fail to do them.  It may seem like a lot of work, but it will pay off in the end.  People asked me, where did I learn about skin care? Well, my mom, would take what extra money she had stored away and buy us creams from the Avon lady.  It was not much at all. She wanted us to look our best even though we often wore second hand clothes. 

I remember seeing my mother in the mirror combing her hair and wigs. I even remembered her putting on her favorite cream at night time and it was called Nadinola. I don't even know if that product still exist? She always wore her nut-brown powder, which was her favorite.   Oh, boy! I miss my mother. Anyway, I hope this helps.

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