No Secret to Network marketing

23 Sep

No Secret to Network marketing

Through many years, I have watched several of my business associates spend thousands of dollars every year and some even month after month, trying to find the secret of MLM. People are often mesmerized by the huge success of 5-6 figures monthly income earners. Many like myself thought there had to be some huge secret only shared among heavy hitters.

 When I first started in this industry, I thought there had to be something that I did not have inside me to earn the 6-figure monthly income or it had to be something that I was not able to afford.

When I looked around at these people walking stages every year, I honestly believed that they were some special information that average people did not have this  privilege.. So, what was my answer? I gravitated to them. In my own delusion, I somehow thought that I was going to be successful through osmosis. Little did I know, it never happened. Now, listen, it’s great to hang around these people but if you are not doing what needs to be done; you are just wasting time. Even though these people had history and some built big teams; they still had to follow a formula. All I ever noticed was the glitz and glam. You know, the fancy cars, boats, houses and stars!

 At the time, I paid no attention in detail into the formula that it took to get them there. Through many heartaches and failures, I knew that I had to follow the system. It was not a secret. It was following the foundation of Mlm and never quitting. That was it.

I learned that there was no special secret sauce to earning money in this industry. You did not have to come from a wealthy family or a long history of top leaders in the industry. You could make it but you had to get over all the noise you heard over the internet from slogans such as: “The hidden dirty secrets of network-marketing.”

The truth? There are  no SECRETS! There never ever was any secret to getting to the top in the industry. The only exception unless you knew the owner of the MLm company and he puts you on top. But I am just talking about average people. If you follow the 5 steps below,  I can not promise you will earn a million dollars. What I do know, if you go ALL IN with this, you will win. You may win BIG!

These are the 5 steps that you must do repeatedly on almost a daily basis to succeed. Doing these 5 steps will work for you every time if you are consistent and persistent. So, what are they?

1. Prospecting: Prospecting is a MUST in this industry. It is the catalyst to you getting the bread and butter to making a 5-figure monthly income. It’s not about prospecting for reps but also prospecting for customers. If you do not look for leads; your business is not going to grow. There are several ways of attracting, leads such as on social media, blogging, events, paid ads etc. You must choose out 2-3 marketing methods and perfect it.

2. Invite: No matter how many prospects that you find, if you do not invite them to see your opportunity, nothing is going to happen. Anyone that tells you that they are interested in your opportunity, you MUST invite them by piquing their interest.

When you pique interest, you are asking a question that is relating to the prospects need/concern. I will talk about this more in another announcement.

3. Show the Plan: Once you invite them, set up a time, day and expose them to your opportunity. You can do this so many ways. Here are just a few.: video, conference call, testimonials.1:1 appointment, webinar, event etc. Let your exposures work for you. It is too exhausting explaining the opportunity repeatedly.

4. Next is your Follow -up. It is important to do follow up with all your prospects because you want to know where you both stands. Are you in or are you out? That is really the bottom line.

 I do only 2 initial follow-ups. One by text and the other phone or email (especially video). After my initial 2 follow-ups, I will contact them every 3 months. That is just my style of doing things. That is only 4 times out of the year until the prospect tells you to stop. 

The key is to remember something unique about your conversation when you do your follow up with them. For example; Your prospect will some time mention things like their son’s birthday or daughter’s wedding that was coming up soon. Make note on these things. The next time that you contact them, it is not always about business. It’s amazing how people feel when you remember those simple things that are so important to them. People need to know you care and that it’s not all about business. They must feel and know that you are not calling them to make money off them. If you are telling people that this business can change their lives and all you are focusing on signing them up; that may trigger a red flag to your prospect. You got to be willing to relate and ask them about their dreams, goals, concerns. It’s not all about you, the network marketer. It’s about them at that time. It is a relationship business and that is something I had to get used to.

5.Finally, people must know what to do. Train & provide training information to help them succeed. You got to give them some tools. Making a list is not enough. How are they going to get contacts when they run out of their warm market? One thing that has work for me is having a team site with lots of information to help my team. People love that stuff. Once you get a big enough team, then do a training weekly or monthly. Don't get caught up doing trainings & presentations things around people schedule(s). The right people will come. It will take time, but they will find you.

If you continue these 5 simple methods combined with hard work; you will make it. Stay Focus on one opportunity at a time. Do not look to the left or look to the right. Look straight ahead. Theses methods are your secrets and they will work if you do not quit.

Angela Harrelson

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