So How do I get More Prospects

23 Sep


1. Highly recommend people use their warm market first because  people tend to do business with who they know & trust.                                                                    

2.Expand your local market/community

Lets talk about this. Your community is your neighbors, church, co-workers, colleagues, etc . I call this your luke warm market. They could be members of the same club.   Again, don't approach these folks like you have been brain washed. This is opportunity to let them  know who you are and what you doing. Many MLM'ers have built their community up with flyers, ads around the town. I met a lady, a doctor, who literary built her business putting on local  seminars about her product.Now something like this is not duplicatable for a Newbie in the industry.But it could be for you.                       

 3. Referrals: When someone says "NO", you should always asked them for referrals.

 4. Adventure the cold market. Yeah, eventually you will have to step into this zone especially if you feel you have burnt out your warm or fell into NFL club. The truth: find ways to recruit the cold market. Turn cold market into your warm market and in return, your cold market will tap into their warm market. It's a win win!  Check out my Top 5 Free  ways to grow your business.

P.S The internet has created enormous opportunities to build a global business online . Just know, the basic formula in network marketing never changes. (Pique invite, expose, follow-up & close)  MLM is not easy. You must be persistent, consistent and be all in! Establish yourself with a winning team. Its not a overnight success. Do not fall for heavy hitters when you hear they brought  over 1,000 people in 30 days. IMPORTANT NOTE: Heavy hitters have history! PERIOD. The truth: The average person in MLM does not have that type history and may have never done any business. We have to be careful that we are not selling people a pipe dream and  make sure you are with a reputable company. Let them know the reality on how this business models work.  Its not for everyone.

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