Things you should NEVER EVER do in your MLM business

30 Sep

Things you should NEVER EVER do in your MLM business

1: Stop with the hype and over selling the business and services.

The best thing that you can do for yourself, team or company is to tell the truth. There are people that always advertising cars, houses and stars. Then you read about them 56 months down the road filing for bankruptcy. Now what was that all about? Stop faking it till you make it. Be genuine and authentic. These two characteristics will often sell anything even a shirt off your back.

Most people do not start out as millionaires in this industry. You must work your way up  that status and it may take a few years. All you need to do is tell people that you are using your opportunity as a vehicle to replace your income and hopefully be able to replace your job. People will understand that explanation because they are in the same boat. The most fascinating thing to me is to see people thrive and build a successful business together. I love that! There is nothing like it at all. 

So, tell people realistic goals so they can have realistic dreams. For example, an average rep can usually see themselves earning an extra 500 a month. It’s very difficult for them to see themselves  earning 50,000 per month. Now they will get excited about hearing those numbers but it’s a little more challenging for them to visualize that number per month especially if they never even made 50,000 per year!

2. Never be an MLM thief: One of the worst experiences that happened to me was when my upline stole my rep. Now his reason for this terrible behavior was because my recruit had a lot of connections. At the time, I was not qualified to receive any bonuses, so he took it upon himself to get the bonus by enrolling  my prospect under his name. In other words, he took the enrollment and placed him under me.

Well, I got myself qualified and saw how much money I had lost, and it just brought me to tears. This recruit (that was stolen) brought in over 70 people on his team. It grew to over 3,000 in a short time and eventually even more! Because of the theft, I did not make any fast start bonuses nor any matching bonuses. That was one year I almost quit. Because I was a not a Rockstar, I was taken advantage of in that situation. So please be honest and do not do this to anyone.

I passed out so many sizzle cards, paid ads and flyers. Finally, someone saw may post card which was him. That was my time and money I spent making my business to reach someone of that caliber all to be stolen. So, I stress this highly; DO NOT STEAL REPS. There is a billion people in this world.

3. Stop doing multiple companies. I have discussed this and there are still folks that I see doing two & three company at a time. It just does not make any sense. Do not listen when they tell you that a different type of business will not interfere with your prior opportunity because IT DOES! Most of the time, cross recruiting takes place, and which can get terminated for that behavior. Cross -recruiting is bad. No one wins when people do that stuff at all.

4. Don't bad mouth someone else’s company: Listen, we all think that we have the best mlm company. I get it. I think that I am in the best company, but it does not mean I have to bad mouth others

 Allow people to enjoy their company and the dreams that they have in place with that company. At least they have a dream. When I see another network marketer put someone’s company down, it is usually because they wanted them to join their company. They may be right about their company having a terrible pay plan. They may be right that their leaders are under investigation but it is not our place to say anything negative especially if your reasons are selfish reason. Be positive for them and they will usually give you the same respect.

5. Let them be independent distributors not dependent distributors: You are not in the business to baby sit folks. That is the fastest way to get yourself burned out! Your role is to lead by example by giving the resources that reps need to be successful. Do not try to do everything for anyone. If you start off that way, I promise  that you will literally create a welfare system instead of an economic empowerment system. It will never end. Everyone is independent distributors. Not  dependent distributors.

6. Don't pay someone to join: PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! If someone wants it bad enough, they will get the money. If they do not want to make the necessary sacrifice(s) to get the money and pay to join, then they most likely are not going to build a business or do anything with it. Do not start this habit and do not have your team members get involved in any habits as such.

7.Do not give all your attention to heavy hitters: Help the people who are trying so hard. So many times, I see people cater to leaders and forget about the little guy who is consistently putting out 100 flyers every week. Reach down and tell that person that they are doing a good job! Do you know how empowering that is! It shows acknowledgement and recognition. It will cause your rep to do more!

People who already have earned a 5-6 figure monthly income do not need a lot of pats on their back. They have received numerous awards in the past for their downlines of 20,000 plus. Trust me on that one. Let’s reach down and help that person who gets off work every day at 5:00 p.m., cook dinner, get kids ready for bed and stay up till midnight to working on the business. Reach down and tell them, “I am proud of you”. It goes such a long way.

To sum up, I have been in this industry for over 20 years and have seen it all. If you stay in this game long enough, YOU will graduate with a PHD degree from the school of hard knocks dealing with people. You will become an expert in seeing common traits of folks character as well as their behaviors.

You and ONLY YOU must do what it takes to succeed but you must do it with understanding, integrity, compassion, wisdom and smarts! (If that is a word).

You must footprint your mindset that you will make it, no matter what you are going through in this life. Life is not easy, and it is not fair. Each day that you are alive, you will have chance to make it better for yourself but for others you bring into your business.

Angela Harrelson

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