What it was like with my 1st network marketing in 1998

22 Jan

I first got involved in network marketing in 1998 with a company called ACN, a telecommunications company. I was frustrated with my job as a nurse and I was looking for something that will get me out of a full-time job.  Like many, I was invited to a meeting by a gentleman.  He was one of the best speakers that I had ever heard in my life.  In that 1-hour presentation, I saw my life transforming into something more.  I said to myself, “I think I can do this, so I joined for $99.00

Being a new rep, I was ignorance on fire!  I did not have any fear of talking to people because I had so much support.  You could easily call someone in your upline if you needed help.  Back then, people actual answered their phones.  Your sponsor was excited about you joining them and wanted to help you.  Your Upline wanted to hear all about your dreams, goals and plans. Most importantly, they were willing to do everything to make sure that you reached your dreams if YOU WANTED IT.

Today in MLM, you are lucky if someone answers the telephone.  Everyone texts everyone. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with texting. It’s very convenience but the thing that is being overlooked is not being able to build a good community of leaders.

 I remember the time when my sponsor invited our team to his mansion for dinner.  About 10-12 of us went and his wife had hell of a southern meal prepared for us. He gave us a tour of his home and told us that we all can have the same thing. He shared with us about his poverty life growing up and how much he appreciated our support. I will never forget that if II live.  

Another example was when I went to the company’s convention. mM upline called and made sure our team had arrived o safely.  He even sent some one of the leaders on the team, to pick us up.  It was a beautiful thing.  

Today, it’s about doing things online.  You see it everywhere on the internet: “Make money while you sleep.” “Work from home in your pajamas.” “No recruiting, Business made easy. “When I see these clichés, I delete or run the other way. There is nothing easy about network marketing. Period.

 I hear people say, “I do not want to talk to anyone.” “I just want them to buy and get paid.” It’s insane because here’s one the thing.: If a distributor does not like talking on the phone,  do you really think they will be communicating better with text or email?  Whatever your personality  traits you see offline usually transcends online. Now there are people that use automated systems.  They are fine but spice it u pa little  and make it more personal by sending a video emails instead. So much better!

Let me get back to my point.  If the potential distributor/sponsor  is quite offline, most likely he will be even quieter online.  Online methods and tools do not change someone’s personality.

Now I know this industry will never be the same as it was in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. To me, it was some of the best mlm trainings ever. The best teams with the highest residual income will always be the ones that built a community of leaders. Whether you do this online or offline, it must happen. You must find a way.  If you can do this online, then you are pretty darn lucky.

Today, I am being my own person in this industry. I intentionally sponsor about 3-4  prospects at a time so that I can help them obtain their first leadership position in the pay plan. In return, they will do that for their team.  It makes no sense recruiting all these folks and you have no time to help them? If you do, then you will lack in duplication. I want to get to know my reps. If they are not interested in doing that, then I will tell them that they will do better on another team.

I want to help distributors transform their lives. I love hearing about their dreams and goals. When is the last time a sponsor asked you, “What are your dreams?  How can I help you get there? When do you want to get there?  This something that it is rare today.

I still love the industry as much as I did over 20 years ago. It saddens me sometimes that many of my friends had left the industry. I understand, it is not easy.  I still believe in the industry because I have seen firsthand how it changed people lives around me.

Network marketing is not easy business, but it can be a rewarding business when you hang in there.  I remember reading about this incredible leader. I was very impressed by her determination.

Because of her demanding time as a nurse practioners, her goal was only to recruit or get one customer a month.  She remained consistent and OMG! It took her 7 years to earn seven figure income  a year.  I would sa, that was worth it.  I continue watch her on YouTube and she is still doing her thing.

So, to all my friends in the industry, we may not be able to bring back the good old days, but it does not mean our dreams cannot be achieved today. Give it one more run. Be serious about it and allow your WHY to get you there. You do not need to find a top leader or the best team. All you need is YOU!!!!! Become the person you are looking for in this industry. Once you get that, you will be able to join any company and do well.




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