Why people jump ship and leave your MLM company

17 Sep

I decided to write about this because it just seems like every time I look around, some of my friends on face book have left a company that they just recently tried to get me to join? I could not judge them because I use to be like as well. Joining one company after another one and hoping it will get me to the silver lining. (It never happens) Let’s be clear about one thing here, people have right to leave their mlm company and join another one. If their pretty little heart’s desire. Not only can they join one company but as many as two -three companies. There is nothing illegal about it. Now how you react to your reps doing it, is truly the key. If they want to leave, don’t bad mouth them at all. Just give them your blessings. The truth of the matter, people are always leaving mlm companies to join another one. This is just the way it is. I decided to put together a list of my top reasons why I think people leave your company to join another one.

1. I can’t afford the damn AUTOSHIP Requirement: This could be true. If a person has not made any money but is expected to purchase products every single month, they probably will not last long in the company at all. Many times, the lack of poor training could prevent this scenario. If people are trained how to earn fast start bonuses, this method could put money in their pocket right away. Like I always said, the goal is to put a pay check in your team member’s hand within the first30 Days after they join the business. Most people just recruit someone and leave them alone. How many times have we heard that the sponsor is MISSING IN ACTION. Plenty, I would say. Do what you can to help provide support for your rep, so they may stay and see the full benefits what network marketing can do for them in a positive way whether it be by product or financially. When you help your team earn money; their dreams and goals come more clear and real. They will be able to afford the auto ship and stay.

2. No money. I am Going BROKE IN THIS BUSINESS. This would probably be one of the top reasons people quit the business. I must admit, there is a very high failure rate of people not making money in mlm. Why on earth is that in billion-dollar industry. There’s really is no excuse for companies to be allow such a high failure rate. Network marketing companies should do better research and find a ways in designing a compensation plan that is fair and realistic enough that average people can achieved especially if they are working their butts off! I will give you a perfect example. There was a company I was involve wit that had a pay plan that really looked easy and OMG! I thought I would be driving my BMY in one year. My business partner and I worked and the numbers, but they did not add up. We had hit the top position, platinum director ant 5000 in volume. RED Flag. At the top position, there was no 10,000 monthly checks, not even a car bonus. The pay plan was poorly designed for the company to win. We were so taken back because in 30 days we had over 2,000 people in the team. What made it so bad is that the downline thought since were top leaders that we were making lots of money with the fancy titles. We had to quit and tell them the truth We talked with other leaders and they had left because of the poor compensation plan. Now to be fair, there are companies that really do try to make a fair pay plan. If you work the numbers, you will see that the pay is well worth it. Anyone that join a business should understand how they get paid. We must become better leaders in showing people how to earn $500 per month.

When folks join your business, they usually bring so much passion and excitement about their goals and dreams. They finally are excited about something that has given them hope for the future. It is their excitement that causes them to share the opportunity with others. New reps are often telling people things like: “This could change your life. “People are earning 4-5 figures a month” and so on. How long can you keep saying this when you are not making any money? It will start to be a burden on someone if they are not cutting it in mlm. For example, I had one friend that was already in financial trouble and living in a basement. She was frustrated, depressed and felt homeless. Now an optimistic would say, “She could use her situation in mlm and climb her way out.” On the other hand, some may think. “She is using her situation as an excuse not to do anything. “Well, in the end she could no longer continued network marketing. She often would say to me, “I cannot keep telling people this is a wonderful business and I am not doing well.” So, she not only left the company but quit the industry. Truth: What I have learned, success will often depended on the individual’s philosophy and internal motivation. In the end, no matter what the reason is, if there is no money, people will find a way to survive. Again, we as leaders must do better.

3.POOR UPLINE & NO WHERE TO BE FOUND: People will say that their sponsor was never around and to help them. Unfortunately, in many cases, it’s true. People sign folks up and abandon the ship. This is unfair because as an upline you are missing the opportunity to form long term relationships. I get it. Not everyone is a leader and you do not have to be. Your job is to point your downline to the leadership and resources, so they can succeed. We must stop looking at people as dollar signs instead as human beings. Take it as a compliment that they wanted to partner with you. It speaks volumes.

4. These damn products too expensive: Yep. If people feel like products are way too high, they will stop buying. They will not even promote it anymore. In many cases, reps who feel this way about products will often let their orders stock pile. This is not good. No matter how good the product is working for them, if its not affordable than they will no longer buy it. I often heard, “No, people will buy it as long as it is giving them health benefit.” Well, elderly people stop buying their preion meds because they cannot afford it either. I truly believe that a product must be affordable to the masses. Companies can do better with this one and what I have seen today, I seems to be getting much better. If certain companies continue with high product methods, eventually reps will leave and go to a company that they can afford to do a business.

5. Join another company: As you know, this happens a lot and often due to somebody inviting them to another opportunity. They call them mlm junkies. For some reason, people get it into their head that the grass is greener on the other side. Most of the time, it is not. They may feel, this new company has better product or pay plan. It could be true but no matter where you go, you still got to put in the work. It’s frustrating to see someone you signed up two weeks ago turns around and join XYZ company. In the end, if their minds are made to join another company, here is nothing anyone can do. It’s not illegal. Just like you gave them your blessing coming into the business, you should give them your blessing leaving the business. You will be just fine. 

To sum up, people will always find reasons to leave their company. I tell you, there is always a company with better products, pay plan, leadership etc. than yours. You matter as well get used to it. Just because there is the next great thing around the corner, does not mean you should hop skip over there. Always try to be successful in the company that you are in right now. If all possible, grow were you are planted. Once you have done that, you are fully loaded with skills to prepare your success for the next company. No matter where you go, it will take time to build and the sad reality is that you must start over again. When you start over too many times, you will eventually lose credit worthiness. Why? People like to see leaders that are stable and consistent. So, think twice before jumping to different companies especially if you have a large team.

People tend to stay with a company for a while if they are making them GOOD money and/or benefiting from the affordable products. These are two things generally will keep them from jumping ship.

So when should someone leave? It’s hard to say but I would say when you are no longer happy. You no longer have the drive or passion for the products, business and the company. In this case, the money or products will not matter. It’s just time for a change.

 Do what is best for you when it comes to leaving, just seriously think about it. Almost everyone has left and join a company for the above reasons. You will not be the first or the last. We must learn and develop our skills and know our self-worth so we can better our lives in improving our health and wealth.

Angela Harrelson

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