You are the 1 in network marketing- All you need is the zeros added

05 Feb

In this industry, you will often meet a lot of people throughout the years. With a few, you will form special bonds that may develop into a long relationship. One of the best things I loved about the industry is the positive relationships that  I share today.  I would not trade my friendship that I met through MLM for anything. I learned so much from them. Even today,  I have become really good friends with one.   I can honestly say that it has been mutually beneficial.  Now  I have met a lot of people that were often  waste of time.  What I have learned throughout the years, it does not matter how & why or what type of relationship that I developed with some of my teammates,  you  must go.  Not just with your mind but with your heart as well because that is where your passion lies. You see, so many people will quit on you. Even the ones that the swore the pinky finger with you.  They often will go another direction. It’s fine. Just because folks take another path does not mean you will not meet again. Most of the time in this industry, your path will cross again.  I admit, sometimes it’s disappointing and downright frustrating especially if you formed a bond. You are  human. Life has taught me to be the ONE  in my business. The One to make things happen. I must be the One to get my business out there, continuing to recruit, gathering customers and training my team for duplication.  I came to the realization that nobody will ever see my dream the way I visualize my dreams. The truth is, it’s my dream and not theirs.I now have this philosophy embedded in me. It does not matter how many people  have joined my team. So, what if 100 people come into my team in 30 days and 99  of them quit in 6 months?   It's more important  to know that my success is going to happen with oy without them. Why?  It’s up to me and nobody else to fight  for my success. It's about participating in your own rescue.

Once you have this stoned into your heart and mind, that is when you will start to attract people just like you. People will feel your energy and see how genuine you are when they are around you. The truth is, we attract who we are in this world.

In the mlm industry, you better build a thick skin.  You will need it. You will meet a lot of people while building your business. Most will not even remember your name in 6 months because they quit. You must know from the beginning, that you are what matters in this world.  You will learn to put together a powerful team of people just like yourself, who are hungry and ready to thrive in their business with you. You will learn not to waste your time with time thieves.  From the bottom of my heart, I tell you, “Continue to build your business strong with the right people .” You are the ONE (1) All you are looking for is to add zeros behind it. (100000000000000)   That’s it.   You must never make success an option. Make it a CHOICE. In the end, people will respect your business, commitment, endurance and most of all YOU.

Angela Harrelson

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