Oganic Hemp/CBD Oil Product line

Oganic Hemp/CBD Oil Product line
What I love about their products is that they are high quality and affordable.

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I never thought I would be involved in the cannabis industry. Being a nurse for over 27 years and 10 years spent in the chemical dependency left a negative impact on me.  It was not until I met my co worker who suffered from severe arthritis in his hips that I realized how powerful CBD was to him.  He was waiting on surgery because he was bone to bone. He no longer had any cartilage. The  bone spurs had replaced the cartilage area in result causing excruciating pain and stiffness.  My heart went out to him seeing someone  having to work every day in that much pain.  Pain does not take vacation. It does not take a holiday. A person can spend their half of their life is pain.  It breaks my heart when I think about it today.  He started taking CBD oil drops twice a day and he  went down from 12 Ibuprofen's to 2-4 a day.  He was able to manage his pain till he get o surgery.  He told me he felt so much better. Now, my husband, is going through the same thing and of coarse, CBD  is already part of the pain management. After seeing what this plant has done to those close to me, it forever changed me about the cannabis industry. Now, I have been looking for a CBD company for a long time. I wanted  a company that  had a powerful movement.  A dear friend who knew the CEO, introduced me to this company. The more I read and researched, the more I wanted to know about it.  The cannabis industry started around  10,00 years ago and it's not going anywhere. In 2022, it is expected to skyrocket!. You have to ask yourself this question, where do you want to be? I hope that you will make the decision to join me.  We are on a MOVEMENT and you are welcome to be apart of it. Everyone ; male, female, black and white, etc . its all about inclusiveness.  

Vitalibis promise is to provide you with high-quality, safe products at affordable prices. We have strict guidelines, work with only credible manufacturing partners and all of our products are validated through independent, third party lab testing. 

They offer"Full Soectrum, phyto-cannibinoidrich hemp oil. personal care and nutrition. All certified organic.

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