The Timing is Perfect

The Timing is Perfect

The company is in the beginning of momentum. Every experienced marketer knows the best time to join any company is in this phase.

I was tired on the same old thing, typical hype. To be honest, I discovered this company in 2016! It was one of those things that I put on the back burner at the time. T 

 It is so exciting to be part of something  that is under the radar and embarking on an  trend that is predicted to be the next billion dollar industry.  I truly believe, if you hang in there and work hard, that you will succeed.  I missed out on two companies that are now billion dollar companies because I waited. Hell, I already waited 2 years on this!

Now there is a flip side which is: Joining and doing nothing will not get you financial independence.  It will get you nothing. Its all up to you. So, how do I know if you are picking the  the right company? I go by my instinct, products and the company's leadership . I see all three in this company and I  am going for it.

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