Bronze To Diamond

Bronze To Diamond

When you first join a company, most of the the time you are pretty much on your own. I know, you heard it all before" You are in business for yourself but not by yourself." Sponsor must step up and do their part.

In HBN I  amstarting from scratch, and not carrying over any big teams. I did not have the personal affluence as I use to being in and out of the industry. What I learn is four things you must do starting from ZERO.   

1. Determined Mindset  Do not allow your excuses to be your obstacles. Do not allow anybody else's excuses to be your distraction. 

 2. Consistent. Whatever you plan to do, do it over and over and OVER

.  3. Discipline. When you have it in your plan to do it, stick with it and do not alter from it unless you are sick, dying or dead. You have to be loyal to yourself if you want to be successful  in this industry,. In other words you have to be committed.

 4. Be Accountable  You must be accountable to someone,  even if it's  your pet parrot.

This world that we live in can be cold and cruel. There  are very few people that are going to give you something without expecting anything in return.  (If you find those people, cherish them, they are rare).

With that said, it does not mean you can not have a happy and deserving life. YOU CAN. We all truly deserve it. If you keep these four things in your mind daily, you will succeed and go from zero to a champ. I am heading towards the Presidential.  I  already made my mind up that it is going to take me about 2--3 years.  This is realistic for me because of my life style and part time job as R.N.  For some people, it could be sooner or more. If it takes you 5 years  to make 20,000 per month , Would it be worth it? You can only answer that for yourself. 

Do not be afraid to text  or call me. If you like to chat,  you can find me on facebook. I would love to walk this journey with you.